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Vincent Monozlay

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Vincent Monozlay was born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) in 1968. Vincents father was an amateur photographer who started his lifelong interest in photography and art. He is devoted to photography, HDR photo, restoring and coloring old photographs and postcards, photo art and computer art. I use Adobe Photoshop to create artwork from my own photographs, vintage photos, or from my own digital scans of vintage postcards and other ephemera.
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Electric Discharges by unknown


An arrangement of nature painting of various leaves by unknown


Design of an antique burgundy chair by unknown


Pompeii Mural Paintings from the Ruins by William Mackenzie


The Flags of the Union by unknown


A collection of antique violin, viola, cello by unknown


Aeronautics - Aerial Machines by unknown


Human Monkey and Ape skulls by Schinz de Visser


Canna - Atro Nicricans leaf by Shirley Hibberd


A vintage chromolithograph of fresh pears by Samuel Berghuis


A lithograph of Cocos Weddelliana by Paul de Longpre


Portrait of an European roller by Magnus Von Wright


Handcolored wood ibis and scarlet flamingo by Alexander Wilson


Collection of different plume types by Adolphe Millot


Horses with antique horseback riding equipments by unknown


Majestic male peafowl portrait by Sir William Jardine


Collage of colorful rare exotic fish by unknown


Drawings of hand gestures for sign language by Joseph Gibbons Richardson


Various types of appetizing sausages by unknown


Human blood vessels and cardiovascular system by unknown


An antique illustration of the muscles of the legs and feet by Carl Ernst Bock


Illustration of a black antique carriage by unknown


Bowhead Whale by unknown


Majestically colored portrait of a peacock by unknown


European Butterflies and Moths by William Forsell Kirby


Portrait of a dark grey elephant by Oliver Goldsmith


Sperm whale shooting up water through a blowhole by unknown


European Butterflies and Moths by William Forsell Kirby


Tube Jellyfish by unknown


Collage of colorful rare exotic fish by unknown


A collection of different eggs of different species of birds by Lorenz Oken


Baked bread loaves by unknown


Air Navigation 1897 by unknown


Antique Butterfly and Moth Lithograph by unknown


Pied avocet and oystercatcher by Lorenz Oken


Indian Pink by Frederick Edward Hulme


Illustration of a giraffe by Pierre Jean Francois Turpin


La Giraffe by Florent Prevos


Amerique du Nord from Atlas Universel by Artheme Fayard


Lithograph Saturne printed in 1877 by F Meheux


Constellations of the Two Hemispheres by unknown


Antique celestial astronomical chart by unknown


A colorful solar system chart by unknown


A colorful solar system chart by unknown


An astronomy lithograph the Eclipse of the Moon by unknown


Liberated Paris 1944 by Jack Downey


A Billet outside Paris by Anton von Werner


German barmaid by unknown